Sunday, July 17, 2011

Busy Week

We've had a fun and busy week this week. Kelsey went off to girl's camp and had a great time! She got to go to Ried's Ranch in Fruitland Utah and although it was short she loved it!

The little girl's and I got to see the angel Moroni be put on the Brigham City temple on Tuesday. It was a neat experience. I finally got to see a Dr. and September 9th @ 12:00 is when our little one will join us! We are so excited to have daddy be here for two weeks during that time. We are counting down the hours! Thursday we headed to Bear Lake with my sister's families. We had a beauitful day of swimming. I also braved it up and went camping with them for a night! Surprisingly it was a good night's sleep! Saturday we had a yard sale which took a lot of work but didn't get the desired results we may have to do it again! Needless to say the last two nights I have been useless. Catching up from all our fun!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Time to share our moments

The last four months have gone steadily by. The girls and I have temperarly relocated ourselves to my parents house in Lewiston, UT. It has been quite an adventure making this quest without the assisstance of Nathan, although he has been very supportive of all our decisions. All the preparations has made our time apart go quickly. But now that I have more time to think, I miss him even more!!!

We have been here a little over three weeks now and are finally feeling settled in. We are used to vacationing here so we usually jam pack everything we possibly can into three weeks. Well I think we've done pretty well with that this time as well. We've had party after party and today is no exception since it's my brother Scott's 31st birthday. My Grandma Hartley and Aunt Linda are also coming today to be here for the fourth of July weekend. It's going to be fun!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Week One!!!!

Since this picture was taken we have tried to keep busy! The girl's have enjoyed their new Wii that dad bought for them. They even get me involved especially when it's dance time (Kels, I will haunt you forever if you even think of posting those picts!!!!) We have eaten too much and stayed up too late. Here our a few picts of our week.

Chocolate for breakfast!!
(Don't worry I made them eat something healthy, Frosted flakes anyone?)

Here's to our favorite Valentine!!!!! We love you!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a beautiful sunny Sunday! The girls spent the afternoon basking in the sun!

Kelsey made the most delicious oreo cookies last FHE!!!
She's becoming quite the baker these days! Which is why you don't see too many picts of me! These days I seem to eat so much, I know I'm going to become a hippo by September!!!
Here's a picture that Aleah snuck of me which pretty much describes what I've been up to this week!!!

(Seriously, I don't know why I just posted this picture, the hippo thing is not too far off!)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days In North Carolina

We have had an unusually snowy year so far this winter. It snowed yesterday and today everything is pure ice. The schools have been shut down yesterday, today and for tomorrow as well. We'll see if Nathan has work tomorrow; as they have shut down post as well. Being from Utah it seems a little extreme to shut down everything for a little snow. But you should see how they drive here! I'll just stay home too!
Let's just say they kids are not complaining too much except I had them do some homeschool today. Tomorrow they ususally go to the smith riding stables but since it has turned into an ice rink it is cancelled as well. They even have cancelled mutual at the church tonight. I'm telling you the whoe world shuts down here but in the meantime we get to enjoy each other without any other commintments taking our time!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas and Snow!!!

We had a wonderful christmas this year. We were very blessed with some great gifts and good times. Although we didn't have a white christmas day, we were surprised to wake up to 6 inches the day after!!! i'm not sure who was more excited the kids, the dog or Nate.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween @ the Sisson's

WE hope you all had a great Halloween! Our favorite part is picking out our pumpkins and carving them. Nate and I decided to drill ours this year. I might have to post more pictures of that

Aleah dressed up as Cinderella which was no surprise although she had three other outfits to choose from. She even sat still so I could do a princess braid!

Nathan's work hosted a trunk or treat a week before Halloween. The kids had a lot of fun and got a lot of candy. I think they went around the cars like three times!

Morgan dressed up as little red riding hood. Her BIG basket got her even more candy because people were trying to help her fil it up! She was defiently happy about that!
Morgan really got into her character!

Kelsey talked a couple of her friends to be Skittles with her. She especially enjoyed spraying her hair pink!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family Pictures, finally

We have put off doing family photos for years!! While we were in Utah my wonderful sister set it up with a fabulous friend of hers to take our pictures in our favorite spots in Logan canyon and the Logan temple. She did a fantastic job and we had so much fun!